December 13, 2017

Intimate Band of Bohemia Wedding

So many things to say about intimate Band of Bohemia wedding. I honestly don’t know where to start other than saying, this was one of my favorites. This day was the good good. This day was magic.

Intimate weddings have a truly special place in my heart. Especially when they take me away to places I love like Chicago. And when you add 4 breweries to the mix – talk about a perfect wedding.

We’ll start at the beginning of the day – bright and early at Hotel Lincoln in Chicago. The entire day called for a torrential downpour but the rain held off and the sun happily shined down on the city.  When I arrived, Amber and crew were busy getting ready. There were a lot of little important details in the mix. Amber’s ring which once belonged to Amber’s grandma. Or the piece of Amber’s mom’s veil that was being cut up by Amber’s maid of honor to tie around Amber’s bouquet. The people around her were people who had been along her side for years and years. She got ready with help from Shawna, her maid of honor and forever friend as well as friend and owner of Diane’s Dream Brides, Diane. The first bit of tears were shed and we headed out to Winnemac Park for Amber and Matt’s first look.

When we arrived to the park, we headed to the willow trees. A favorite of Amber and mine because there is just something magical about a willow tree. Amber and Matt’s first look was so special and sweet. More tears were shed (this will be a running theme in this story, so get those tissues handy) and we quickly took a few pictures before we rushed to Band of Bohemia for their ceremony.

Band of Bohemia was decorated by a labor of love by close friends and family of Amber and Matt. It even included a special touch by yours truly – hops that Mark and I grow made up the centerpiece of the alter. The ceremony started and the tears started to flow even more freely. The ceremony was heartfelt and special – written entirely by Amber and Matt. Their maid of honor and best man said a special blessing and Amber’s dad and Matt’s mom helped pour a “unity beer”. A combination of two beers to make a truly unique bled for Amber and Matt to share. After their ceremony they treated their guests to the most amazing brunch. I’m seriously still dreaming of it.

And with that, my coverage was over. But they day didn’t stop there. Amber and Matt’s invited their guests to brewery hop to some of Ravenswood’s finest breweries and since I’m not one to pass up a brewery, I grabbed my trusty Fuji camera and Mark and I joined in on the fun. First stop was Dovetail Brewery where the party continued and a special poem by Cin Salach was read. More tears were shed and if you want to read the beautiful poem, I’ve included it at the bottom of this post. After Dovetail, the rain that threatened started. It didn’t stop Amber and Matt though, they grabbed some umbrellas and strolled hand in hand to the next stop. We arrived at Begyle Brewery and got hooked up with some awesome locations for pictures within the brewery. We ended the night at Half Acre, munching on amazing burritos and sipping yummy beers.

I honestly and truly love Amber and Matt and these images. I’m so excited to share this day with the world. This wedding was what my wedding dreams are made of. I’m so incredibly thankful I was able to capture all the magic here.

Congrats, Amber + Matt!

Amber + Matt’s Vendors:

Hotel: Hotel Lincoln, Chicago

Ceremony + Reception Venue: Band of Bohemia, Chicago

Dress: Diane’s Dream Brides | Shoes: ModCloth

Hair: Reverend Billy’s Chop Shop | Make Up: Rare Bird Beauties

Florist: Persephone Floral Atelier | Hops: Meg’s Backyard

Music: Mike Galbraith | Poetry: Cin Salach, Poemgrown

Brewery Hop: Dovetail Brewery, Begyle BrewingHalf Acre Beer Company

Here is the poem by Cin Salach:

Because my love is bigger than I can say…

for Amber, for Matt

…I will speak in poem. In breaths of thoughts. In heartbeats.

Every morning is an answer to my soul. The way you kiss, and kiss me.

I feel about you the way I feel about the Garden of the Gods.

This exists? And you? Matty, now I will never not know.

Whatever it is I want you there, Brownie girl.

A ballgame, a quiche a life, the world.

Hold my hand and let’s walk around awhile.

You take care of me wholly. I see you, wholly. Marry me. Today.

You are the best company. My love, my season, my you.

Written by cin salach and commissioned by Katie Ray on the occasion of Amber and Matt’s wedding day, October 22, 2017


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