November 10, 2016

Lake Huron Proposal Story

If this Lake Huron proposal story doesn’t brighten your day, I don’t know what will! A few weeks ago Nick contacted me about photographing his proposal to his girlfriend, Lauren. They had recently bought a cabin in Caseville, right on the shores of Lake Huron. Nick had planned to propose to her right on the beach. I knew immediately, I HAD to be there. So then we try to figure out how to make this work since on the beach there really aren’t many places to hide a camera. We talked over a few different plans, and decided that it was best we fooled Lauren into a photoshoot with their dogs. We planned out code words and specific poses and just like that the plan was set!

If I told you I was calm and collected the day of this shoot, I’d totally be lying. It’s not every day I get to witness and photograph a proposal story. I was so excited! We had planned to take a few pictures with the dogs first and then hand them off to my mom who came along to be a dog wrangler. I didn’t want to wait too long into the shoot because I knew Nick had been holding this secret in for long enough.

After a few snaps with the pups, I told Lauren and Nick to hold hands and walk towards the water. Just before the reached the water, Nick handed Lauren a card, the sweetest card ever describing all of the things he loves about Lauren. The last thing he said was “She said YES”. He dropped to one knee and asked her to spend the rest of their lives together. After a few pictures along the lake and we headed to their cottage to celebrate with champagne.

These images make me so happy because Lauren and Nick couldn’t wipe the smiles off their faces. It’s just pure and true happiness and I’m just obsessed with these images and these two. I hope they bring you as much happiness as they bring me. <3 If you are planning on proposing to your significant other and are in need of some proposal ideas then you can check out sites like The Heart Bandits.lake-huron-proposal-story-caseville-wedding-proposal-northern-michigan-proposal-northern-michigan-engagement-photos_1120 lake-huron-proposal-story-caseville-wedding-proposal-northern-michigan-proposal-northern-michigan-engagement-photos_1121 Lake Huron Proposal Story, Caseville Wedding Proposal, Northern Michigan Proposal, Northern Michigan Engagement Photos_1122 lake-huron-proposal-story-caseville-wedding-proposal-northern-michigan-proposal-northern-michigan-engagement-photos_1123 lake-huron-proposal-story-caseville-wedding-proposal-northern-michigan-proposal-northern-michigan-engagement-photos_1124 lake-huron-proposal-story-caseville-wedding-proposal-northern-michigan-proposal-northern-michigan-engagement-photos_1125 lake-huron-proposal-story-caseville-wedding-proposal-northern-michigan-proposal-northern-michigan-engagement-photos_1126 lake-huron-proposal-story-caseville-wedding-proposal-northern-michigan-proposal-northern-michigan-engagement-photos_1127 lake-huron-proposal-story-caseville-wedding-proposal-northern-michigan-proposal-northern-michigan-engagement-photos_1129 lake-huron-proposal-story-caseville-wedding-proposal-northern-michigan-proposal-northern-michigan-engagement-photos_1130 lake-huron-proposal-story-caseville-wedding-proposal-northern-michigan-proposal-northern-michigan-engagement-photos_1132 lake-huron-proposal-story-caseville-wedding-proposal-northern-michigan-proposal-northern-michigan-engagement-photos_1133 lake-huron-proposal-story-caseville-wedding-proposal-northern-michigan-proposal-northern-michigan-engagement-photos_1134 lake-huron-proposal-story-caseville-wedding-proposal-northern-michigan-proposal-northern-michigan-engagement-photos_1135 lake-huron-proposal-story-caseville-wedding-proposal-northern-michigan-proposal-northern-michigan-engagement-photos_1137 lake-huron-proposal-story-caseville-wedding-proposal-northern-michigan-proposal-northern-michigan-engagement-photos_1138 lake-huron-proposal-story-caseville-wedding-proposal-northern-michigan-proposal-northern-michigan-engagement-photos_1139 lake-huron-proposal-story-caseville-wedding-proposal-northern-michigan-proposal-northern-michigan-engagement-photos_1140 lake-huron-proposal-story-caseville-wedding-proposal-northern-michigan-proposal-northern-michigan-engagement-photos_1141 lake-huron-proposal-story-caseville-wedding-proposal-northern-michigan-proposal-northern-michigan-engagement-photos_1142

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